Engagements in der ESM

Encounter Christ – Prayer

We search for a personal relationship and encounter with Jesus. His word and Spirit make us free. He alone brings us to our Father. We get our identity and deepest confirmation from him. We build our life on his word.

Daily Encounter

Prayer is the heart of the year. It is “a conversation with a friend, with who we see often and like to meet to talk with them because he loves us” (Teresa von Avila)

We everyday with a joyful praise and put ourselves under the loving look of Jesus, celebrate the Holy Mass, and spend our time in personal conversation with Jesus and listen to him.

Going deeper

Special days of retreats teach us to better hear the voice of God and how to go deeper in our prayer (for example, discipleship, holy spirit, Lectio Divina).

Regular moments of silence help us take a step back to go deeper. “Therefore I am now going to allure her; I will lead her into the wilderness and speak tenderly to her.” (Hos 2,14).

Live the liturgy

We want to discover the beauty and richness of the liturgy. The spiritual and practical preparation helps us to experience it intensively (for example, Christmas, Lent, the Holy Week and Easter, Pentecost). An experience that shapes our lives.

Grow with Christ – Community

Christ does not call you alone. Young adults from different nations join each other on this exciting way. Each one brings their own talents and culture with them. ESM is a way of growing in love with each other with yourself and with all people, like Christ loved us!

Sharing life experience

“Anyone who loves God must also love their brother and sister.” (1 John 4,21). The community life is part of the training. Wether through prayer, dancing, or cleaning, the unity is built up among us. Through challenges we learn to grow out of our comfort zone and how to deal with our weaknesses.


Living together from many countries helps us to expand our hearts and overcome obstacles. Through culture nights we get to know other cultures and to appreciate them, with their riches and struggles. Together we build a network of missionaries in Europe and beyond.


This honored and beautiful building serves us as our home and missionary base at the same time. An oasis with many opportunities for training and gathering strength.

In addition to single rooms, are there many other rooms for training and creative development available (for example recording studio, band room, library, and a music room). The Chapel is always open for a moment of silence with the Lord.

Learn from Christ – training

Who is God? Does he have a plan for my life? Why is there grief in the world? Why did Jesus die on the cross? How can I understand the Bible? Who am I? What should I do? What is my mission?

“I am the way and the truth and the life.” John 14, 6. The training in ESM is the chance to experience more about God and yourself. Whether up-to-the-minute topics of moral theology, burning issues of the teaching of the Church, or practical seminars, the lessons are set up to give you the keys for your entire life.


All the teachings build a bridge that allows us to discover the unity of the faith more deeply and builds a foundation for life. In the light of God’s revelation, we discover the plan and mission of God and the exciting calling of humankind.

God and humankind

  • Revelation of God and Holy Scripture; Trinity and Christology
  • The plan of salvation: creation, original sin, salvation, the mystery of suffering
  • The vocation of man in Christ: Who is man? Theology of the body and sexual identity, freedom, faith and reason.
  • Church, ecumenism, other religion, church history, Mary, the fullness of time: Eschatology.
  • Vocation in the Church: General vocation, love, relationship and marriage, lay vocation, priesthood, consecrated life.

Live with Jesus and discipleship

  • Friendship with Christ: Prayer, living from the Word of God, letting yourself be guided by the Holy Spirit.
  • Succession and mission: charity, service and compassion, dialogue and evangelism; occupation and vocation; charisms and talents; leadership, teamwork and communication, conflict resolution, time management.
  • With Him, consecrate the world to God: praise, liturgy and sacrament; responsibility for life and society (bioethics and social teaching of the church, integral ecology)


More than 30 highly qualified speakers from all over the world, travel to share their knowledge and experience with you in a practical way. They come from different work areas and share a longing: to live as witnesses of Christ in their environment and to pass on their abilities. In lessons and panel discussions they are at your disposal to answer your questions.

Study time

You learn so that you can pass on. Study time and small exams will help you to deepen the content, answer questions, or be able to give impulses.

The training of the ESM is in cooperation with the Lateran University in Rome and is also certified there.

Go for Christ – Mission

“Whom shall I send? And who will go for us?” (Isaiah 6,8)
The love of Christ not only urges us to live for ourselves, but to carry his grace into the world, especially to the poor. At the beginning it may be hard to overcome, but it guarantees a great joy. Because mission is always about encounter and love.

Leave your comfort zone

Duc in Altum! “Put out into deep water, and let down the nets for a catch” (Lk 5,4). Jesus needs you. He calls you to walk with him and for him into the world today. Through missionary engagements you will learn to go out and meet the people: new people, new situations, new talents. You will discover what the grace of God can bring from our little steps of faith and poverty, and the joy of bringing the love of God into the world.

Encounter and dialogue

For us, mission means encounter and dialogue. You will meet new people, with their experiences of God, life situations, expectations and questions. You will give and receive gifts. Their questions will take you deeper and further on your own journey of faith. You will grow in the patience, joy and love of God, apply what you’ve learned and learn a lot of new things.

Mission concrete

We want to practice it and do it continuously. We live the mission in Altötting, in the neighborhood, especially with the youth and in the many missionary events that take place here. In addition, we are always on the way to meet other people. Be it on the street, in schools, universities or social institutions. A treasure of experiences and encounters that gradually make us more courageous and free, and allow us to grow in love for people and to eagerly spread the word of God.

I am interested

Super – we want to get to know you! Send us an email and we will make an appointment to talk to each other to answer your questions. Have courage, we look forward to hearing from you!


I want to donate

Thank you – We appreciate any help, small or big. Our work finances itself mostly from donations and sponsor. We are thankful for any support.

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